Our Story

At Civida, we believe that life starts with a home.

Civida has long history of providing affordable housing options for Edmonton families. Established as the Edmonton Housing Authority in 1970; in 1995, we became Capital Region Housing. Today, we are Civida — the largest provider of community and affordable homes in Edmonton. A lot has changed since 1970, but our mission remains the same – to provide safe, affordable housing for all who may need it.

Our Impact

Civida is one of the largest housing management bodies in Alberta, overseeing over 5,300 homes at more than 130 sites across the City of Edmonton. Civida also administers rent subsidies for more than 3,000 households in Edmonton every month. Guided by a mission to provide safe and affordable housing, Civida prioritizes customer and community wellbeing, creating a positive and inclusive environment for all stakeholders.

Government investments, including increased funding for the Rent Assistance Benefit Program and capital grants for housing projects, enable Civida to provide safe and affordable homes to a larger number of Edmontonians.

Community partnerships form a fundamental component of Civida’s approach to providing affordable housing. By working together and collaborating with social serving community partners, Civida tenants are better able to navigate the challenges they face, create resiliency and live vibrant and full lives as part of the broader Edmonton community.

Through partnerships, investments, and a customer-centric approach, Civida is dedicated to our mission of providing safe, affordable homes while positively impacting the wellbeing and stability of its customers and the communities we serve.

Our Mission

To provide safe and affordable housing.

Our Guiding Principles

Sustainability: We will build an organization that will value and promote financial, social and environmental sustainability.

Excellence: We will embody service and operational excellence, creating an environment where customers can achieve their highest independence.

Engagement: We will ensure all our partners – tenants, staff, service providers and governments – are fully aware and engaged in our success.

Innovation: We will develop innovative and creative housing solutions and approaches.

Our Vision

Everybody’s home.

Our Values

Integrity: We act with respect, embrace diversity and treat everyone with empathy and fairness.

Diligence: We use the best information to focus on positive change and solutions.

Stewardship: We exercise responsible management of our housing and resources.

Authenticity: We foster an environment of accountability where all feel safe to work collaboratively and transparently.

Investment: We invest in the success of our employees and customers.

Our Services

Key Civida services include:

Property management: we provide professional housing and asset management.

Program administration: we ensure social housing and rent benefit programs run smoothly for applicants, tenants and funders.

Property development: we create more affordable housing options across Edmonton through new builds and renovation projects.

Research and policy: our policy and strategic planning team advocates for provincial and national housing best practices and policy.


Advised by a passionate Board of Directors, Civida’s Leadership team is committed to enhancing Edmonton’s communities.

Reports and Publications

Our plans and reports highlight how we are planning on changing the affordable housing landscape in Edmonton by providing access to safe, affordable homes.

Governing Legislation

Civida is a housing management body created by ministerial order under the Alberta Housing Act. We must follow several regulations and legislation, making decisions based on these laws.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Civida is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). We strive to foster inclusive environments where customers, staff, and stakeholders are valued and respected.

 We are a proud member of the Alberta Seniors and Community Housing Association.