Our story

At Civida, Life Starts With a Home. Civida has long history of providing affordable housing options for Edmonton families. We began as the Edmonton Housing Authority in 1970; in 1995, we became Capital Region Housing. Today, we are Civida — the largest provider of social and near market homes in the Edmonton region. We also lead the way in housing research, policy development and advocacy. A lot has changed since 1970, but our mission remains the same: To provide safe and affordable housing.

Our mission: To provide safe and affordable housing.

Our vision: Everybody’s home.

Our Guiding Principles

Sustainability: We will build an organization that will value and promote financial, social and environmental sustainability.

Excellence: We will embody service and operational excellence, creating an environment where customers can achieve their highest independence.

Engagement: We will ensure all our partners – tenants, staff, service providers and governments – are fully aware and engaged in our success.

Innovation: We will develop innovative and creative housing solutions and approaches.

Our Corporate Values

Integrity: We act with respect, embrace diversity and treat everyone with empathy and fairness.

Diligence: We use the best information to focus on positive change and solutions.

Stewardship: We exercise responsible management of our housing and resources.

Authenticity: We foster an environment of accountability where all feel safe to work collaboratively and transparently.

Investment: We invest in the success of our employees and customers.

What we do

At Civida, our focus is on providing affordable housing. We manage more than 4,500 social housing rental units and over 700 near market and market housing rental units.

We also offer a mixed income model where the cost of housing is partly funded.

Our expertise and guidance have helped more than 25,000 people in the Edmonton region find a home they can afford.

We are a proud member of the Alberta Seniors and Community Housing Association.

Our services include:

Property management: we provide professional housing and asset management.

Program administration: we ensure social housing and rent subsidy programs run smoothly for applicants, tenants and funders.

Research and policy: our policy and research team aims to influence provincial and national housing policy and best practices.

Property development: we create more affordable housing options across Edmonton through new builds and renovation projects.

Our promise

At Civida, we know a home is about so much more than the roof over your head. It’s about feeling like you belong. That’s why we work hard to create a sense of community.

We promise that every tenant will be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. We will provide safe, inclusive and welcoming spaces where families can thrive and communities can flourish.