We’ve put together some crisis planning resources to share with you.

Resiliency is big now! No one outside the pandemic specialists thought we’d be exercising resiliency for this reason. Yet, here we are. Civida has been preparing for this for a number of years, even though we didn’t know its name.

In an effort be support our corporate community, we’ve decided to share a number of our resources publicly. Some of the documents are based on resources from the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), so, we acknowledge them. These documents are prepared and produced by the amazing team at Civida. I personally thank them for their amazing work!

At the end of most of my communication, which is more digital than ever, I ask this question, “Is there anything I can do to help?” I extend that to you. Please reach out, I will help where I can. Be safe!

– Greg Dewling, CEO, Civida