Help us create better homes for our customers.

Civida purchases goods, services and construction to achieve our corporate commitment to providing our customers with safe and affordable housing.

As a publicly funded non-profit organization, we rely on high quality work and competitive pricing in order to deliver the best housing solutions for our customers. We develop new homes, redevelop existing ones, or seek out partners for maintenance and for other services.

In 2021, Civida will be completing several capital maintenance projects. This work includes but is not limited to replacement of exterior windows, roofing, furnaces, and kitchen cabinets.

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Invoicing us for work

As a contracted vendor, in order to make sure you get paid, our Accounts Payable team requires the following information on an invoice from you:

  • Vendor company name
  • Vendor contact info, including address & phone number
  • Invoice number
  • Civida reference number (work order number, purchase order number or contract number)
  • Date work completed (invoice date)
  • Vendor’s GST/HST registration number
  • Detailed description of work performed, including cost breakdown by applicable site(s).
  • Payment terms (assumed to be net 30 if other terms not indicated)

Please contact accounts payable team if you require an updated invoice template.