We support the advancement of research and study of the housing sector.

Civida supports the advancement of research and study of the housing sector. However, we respect the privacy of personal information of our applicants, tenants, subsidy recipients and staff.

Affordable housing remains an under-researched area, especially in the Prairie provinces. Research is important because it provides new ideas, challenges stereotypes and stigma, and ensures we better understand the needs of the people we serve.  Research also helps to inform policy development, determine best practices and identify initiatives that may help enhance our services and policies.

We are becoming a recognized leader in the housing sector. Our staff continue to share knowledge at national academic and industry conferences on new concepts and initiatives in the affordable housing sector. We also partner with Canadian universities to provide research opportunities in policy and data analysis in order to best serve our customers and contribute to the growth of the affordable housing sector.

Conducting Research with Civida

If you are interested in partnering with Civida on a research study, please contact [email protected]. We are always interested in exploring potential partnerships and new opportunities.

If you are interested in conducting research involving Civida, including tenants, subsidy recipients, applicants and/or staff, please make a request in writing, clearly outlining the purpose, scope and information needed for the research. You can review sections 9 and 42 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act regarding disclosure of personal information for research or statistical purposes. The Act can be accessed from Alberta Queen’s Printer.

Research requests can be sent to [email protected]. A research agreement must be signed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, section 9 and section 42. Any relevant and required ethics approval must be obtained before information or data may be shared.

Civida Tenant Well-being Survey

Civida is moving towards more inclusive and holistic measures to assess customers’ needs and successes.

In May 2017, Capital Region Housing conducted its first well-being survey for tenants. The results from our survey will help to inform business plan priorities and programs, as well as policies and supports for tenants. We plan to run this survey every two years, with the next survey distribution anticipated for 2019.

You can read about the results from the 2019 Tenant Well-being Report or check out this  2019 Well-being Report infographic 2019.

We want to say a heartfelt thank you to tenants who shared their time and thoughts with us.