About this research

This report is part of a larger, CMHC-SCHL funded research project conducted by Civida that explored resiliency through business transformation for housing providers and developed practical materials to understand, measure, and improve resiliency for housing providers and their staff. Overall, this project intended to support:

  • housing providers and their staff to become more sustainable and resilient, and
  • successful business transformation for housing providers in the face of these ongoing sector challenges.

In addition to the toolkit, the project team developed two detailed research reports. The first report explores how the concepts of resiliency, business transformation, organizational culture, and change management can be understood and applied in the housing sector. The second report describes developing a framework for measuring and evaluating resiliency.

This project was led by Civida and a team of researchers, subject matter experts, and research assistants.

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We gratefully acknowledge the support of CMHC-SCHL to complete this research.

This toolkit is based on 2-hour workshops that the project team developed and piloted with two housing providers in Canada. We thank the housing providers for participating in this research and supporting the development of this material.

Notice to Readers

Civida has undertaken this research as a part of its research program into social and affordable housing. The greatest care has been taken to confirm the accuracy of the information contained herein. However, no responsibility is accepted by the authors, Civida, or the funders for the accuracy or omission of any statement, opinion, advice, or information in this publication. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent those of any individual contributor, Civida, or the funders.