We are an organization created under the Alberta Housing Act.

Civida is a housing management body created by ministerial order under the Alberta Housing Act. This means that we must follow the Alberta Housing Act and its regulations. As a landlord, we must also follow the Residential Tenancies Act and its regulations. We’ve provided links to these legislated authorities so you can learn more about the rules we must follow and how decisions are made.

Alberta Housing Act

The purpose of this Act is to enable the efficient provision of a basic level of housing accommodation for persons who because of financial, social or other circumstances require assistance to obtain or maintain housing accommodation.

Housing Accommodation Tenancies Regulation

This regulation governs management bodies’ administration of social housing accommodation. Aspects governed include tenants’ responsibilities, tenancy agreements, transferring of households, vacancies and termination of tenancy.

Management Body Operations And Administration Regulation

This regulation governs management bodies’ operations. Aspects governed include board duties and governance, business plan, operating budget, capital budget, borrowing, investments, property maintenance, etc.

Rent Supplement Regulation

This regulation sets out the program rules for both the private landlord and direct to tenant rent supplement programs. It also authorizes the Minister to provide management bodies with rent supplement designations to administer the private landlord rent supplement program.

Social Housing Accommodation Regulation

This regulation provides management bodies with direction regarding the application for social housing, setting of rent, and the eligibility for community, seniors’ self-contained and rural emergency housing accommodation.

Residential Tenancies Act

This act provides a framework for landlord and tenant relations in Alberta, setting minimum standards of conduct for both landlords and tenants.

Subsidized Public Housing Regulation

This regulation relates to rents, security deposits and terminations of tenancies for subsidized public housing.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act)

This act establishes the legislative framework for the Government of Alberta’s general policy on access to information and the protection of personal information in the public sector. It provides for public accountability through a right of access to records under the control of public bodies and mandates how a public body is to collect, use and disclose an individual’s personal information.