What happens after you apply

After you submit your application, Civida will:

  1. Review your application for eligibility and completeness.

  2. Provide you with an applicant code you can use when communicating with us.

  3. Calculate your point score, place you on the priority list, and update your application status in the relevant online Applicant Portal.

  4. Contact you when a home or Benefit becomes available for you.

Ensure that your application remains active by updating your application every six months on the Housing Application Portal (RentCafé) or Civida Benefit Portal.

Check the Status of your Housing Application

To check the status of your housing application:

  1. Log in to the Housing Application Portal (RentCafé) using your email and password.
  2. Under “Account Information,” your application status will be listed as:
    • Incomplete – You need to finish and submit your application
    • In Review – Your application has been submitted and more information is required
    • Applied – Your application has been submitted and is waiting to be reviewed
    • Eligible – Your application has been reviewed and is eligible
    • Ineligible – Your application has been reviewed and is not eligible
    • Cancelled – Your application has been cancelled
  3. Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.
Housing Application Portal Civida Benefit Portal for RAB/TRAB

Update your Application

It is very important to let us know if your information changes after you submit your application. This can change your point score and your place on the priority list.

 Be sure to update your application when:

  • Someone has moved in or out of your home

  • A baby is born or adopted into your home

  • Your income or a household member’s income has changed

  • Your contact information has changed: email, phone number, mailing address

  • You have moved to a new address

  • Your current rent amount has changed

  • If the area or building you want to live in has changed

  • If you will need a different number of bedrooms than when you originally applied

 How to Update Your Application

  1. Log into the online Housing Application Portal (RentCafé) or Civida Benefit Portal using your email and password.

  2. Navigate to the section of the application you want to update.

  3. Make the required changes.

  4. We will review the changes, and update your application status in the online Application Portal as needed.

Removing applications from the priority list

You will remain on our priority list unless:

  • Mail sent by Civida is returned unopened and there is no other means of contacting you.

  • Attempts to reach you by phone, email or approved third-party contacts are unsuccessful over time.

  • More than one year passes since you last contacted us or updated your application.

  • You refuse a housing offer twice for no reasonable reasons.

  • Your situation changes and you are no longer technically eligible for our programs.

  • You ask to withdraw your application and be removed from the priority list.

Civida's Priority List

Civida’s priority list is not time-based. Applications are prioritized in alignment with the Alberta Social Housing Accommodation Regulation (SHAR) to ensure that those with the highest need, and facing the greatest barriers to housing are matched to homes as soon as they are available.

Civida makes every effort to match applicants to homes as quickly as possible. However, needs exceed available homes.