About Civida

Civida is the largest provider of community and affordable housing in Northern Alberta, overseeing more than 5,300 community and affordable homes at more than 130 sites across the City of Edmonton. Civida also administers rent subsidies for more than 3,400 households each month. With a history spanning more than 50 years and guided by a mission to provide safe and affordable homes, Civida prioritizes sustainability, customer and community wellbeing, and collaboration to create stable and inclusive housing environments for all.

Recipient households live in private rental homes and receive a monthly benefit amount to help make their rent more affordable. Civida is not the property manager. The Rent Assistance Benefit (RAB) program is governed by the Rent Supplement Regulation and the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation.

The Temporary Rent Assistance Benefit (TRAB) provides a benefit for working households with low income or those between jobs. Support is provided for a limited time, to help while income stabilizes.

Providing the highest level of subsidized housing, this program helps those with lower incomes. Rent is set at no more than 30% of eligible income. Applicants must demonstrate income within specific thresholds, with housing eligibility and priority scored in alignment with the Alberta Social Housing Accommodation Regulation. 

Near Market housing provides subsidized housing to people with moderate incomes, with rent 10 to 20 per cent below Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) recommended market rental rates. Mixed Income Housing is designed to have a diverse group of tenants with different income levels, all living in the same community. Rent is based on a percentage of your income, with the amount depending on gross monthly household income and asset limits. Eligibility criteria for Community Housing or Near Market Programs must be met, however, once tenants move into a Mixed Income community, they do not have to stay under these income or asset limits, as rent will be calculated based on changing income. 

3,700 +

households receive Rent Assistance Benefits each month through Civida

15,000 +

people live in a Civida managed home
Households We Serve

People accessing Affordable Housing through Civida

23,000 +

have affordable housing through Civida

Civida enables over 2% of the City of Edmonton’s population to live affordably through rent assistance programs and Civida managed homes. Almost half of those we serve are children under the age of 18.

In 2023, our new developments, acquisitions, and expansion to rent assistance programs led to over 2,500 more people being matched to homes, compared to the previous year. 

People We Serve, By Age

Civida Managed Properties

5,300 +

homes are managed by Civida

Civida works in partnership with all three levels of government including the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta, and the City of Edmonton to deliver safe, affordable homes to Edmontonians.

4,300 +

Community Housing units are managed by Civida

More than 62% (3,412) of Civida-managed homes are owned by the Government of Alberta, with the City of Edmonton owning 17 % (953) homes. Almost 40% of Civida-managed properties are 3 bedroom homes, with 281 four- and five- bedroom homes.


Affordable Housing units are provided through Civida

In 2023, Civida added more than 570 new affordable tenancies, and increased Rent Assistance Benefits by over 30 %. New communities continue to be developed.

Building Types

Building Ownership

Home Bedroom Makeup

The Demand for Affordable Housing


unique, qualified households are awaiting matching to a home on Civida’s Priority List

Civida’s Priority (wait) List is not time-based. Demand is greater than available homes, and households are matched to homes in alignment with the Alberta Social Housing Accommodation Regulation (SHAR) to ensure that those with the highest need, and facing the greatest barriers to housing are matched to homes as soon as they are available.

Cumulative Applicants for Housing

Home Bedroom Makeup

Property Maintenance and Renewal

300 +

homes renewed in 2023  

At Civida, we prioritize ensuring that homes are safe and well-maintained.

Through funding received from all levels of Government, including the Federal government (CMHC), the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton, we are able to renew hundreds of homes and communities each year. These investments allow us to continue  ensuring that thousands of Albertans have access to safe, affordable homes, today and for years to come.