Learn more about Lendrum.

Situated in south west Edmonton, the Lendrum Manor and Lendrum Villa have served the community of Lendrum for over 50 years. Taking a fresh, new approach, Civida will work with partners to redevelop this affordable housing complex,  establishing a place that is embraced by the community and which people will be proud to call home. This housing complex is owned by Civida. There are 48 fully occupied affordable housing units in the complex.

The Plan

To help meet current and future housing needs, within the new development, and indistinguishable from each other, will be a mix of market, social and affordable housing with a range of density of up to 150 units depending on the form of development chosen for the building site.

Engaging the Community

Supported by the Lendrum Community Consultation Panel, the engagement process will be led by Civida.

Community and stakeholder input will help inform the decision making process. Learn more about the community engagement process that has been planned for this project.

Phase 1: Introduce project and process
Phase 2: Generate ideas
Phase 3: Present concept options
Phase 4: Present recommended concept

Timeline at a Glance

Public Consultation: October 2016 through March 2017
Construction: 2020-2022

Join the conversation.

We are committed to a planning and redevelopment process that is inclusive, transparent and driven by our values. Over the course of this project we will engage residents, families, neighbours, businesses, organizations, community partners and the public in a meaningful way that generates a shared sense of commitment to this site redevelopment. Through collaboration and engagement we will all have the opportunity to have a positive impact in the community that this housing complex is a part of.

Guiding Principles

Throughout this project we will:

  • Ensure the timely sharing of project information that provides all stakeholders and interested parties with complete, objective and reliable information,
  • Engage and gather feedback, opinions and perspectives at various stages in the development of the site, and
  • Clearly demonstrate our commitment to engaging the public and incorporating their input into the project.

Public Consultations

Using a phased approach, between October 2016 and April 2017 we will host open houses and public meetings in the Lendrum community to enable people to contribute to and be engaged in this project. Through these consultations we will share information and provide people with the opportunity to learn, ask questions, share thoughts, discuss ideas and review concepts.

Where We Are Now

Post Consultation

Our Public Consultations have ended. Civida continues to work with the City of Edmonton to ensure there is conformance to city guidelines and regulations. Read the final What We Heard Summary Report here >>

What We've Done So Far



Phase 4 > Present recommended concept

Open House at Malmo Elementary School > April 25, 2017 > 5 PM to 8 PM
At this final public meeting, participants received a project update, had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the recommended concept option for the redevelopment, engage with project team members, speak with Lendrum Panel members and representatives from the City of Edmonton. The recommended concept option presented at the meeting was developed taking into consideration various criteria and requirements, as well as the public feedback received during Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the public consultation process.

See the Phase 4 meeting documents below:

Thank you to everyone who contributed their input during Phase 4 and throughout the process.

Phase 3 > Present concept options

Open House at Lendrum Mennonite Brethern Church > January 25, 2017 > 6 PM to 8 PM > Meeting Announcement Agenda
At this meeting, participants heard a presentation on the project to-date, and had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on three building concept options being considered for this residential development. The options presented take into consideration various criteria and requirements, as well as the public feedback received at the Phase 2 meeting. Participants also had a chance to contribute input into what proposed elements/amenities are preferred for the development. View the presentation and the information boards. Thank you to everyone who contributed their input during Phase 3. Read the Phase 3 What We Heard Summary Report here.

Phase 2 > Generate and discuss ideas

Open House at Lendrum Mennonite Brethren Church > December 5, 2016 > Agenda
At this second meeting, participants received an update on the project, had the opportunity to be part of the discussion and process to determine the potential form of this residential development, as well as provide their feedback on any additional features or secondary elements that could be incorporated as a benefit to all community residents. View the presentation from Civida’s CEO, the presentation from Bennett Architect highlighting the various building configuration examples for consideration, and check out the informative presentation boards. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the Phase 2 feedback form – your input informs the next phase of this process. Read the Phase 2 Q&A and the Phase 2: What We Heard Summary Report.

Phase 1 > Introduce project and process

Open House at Lendrum Mennonite Brethren Church > October 12, 2016 > Agenda
At this initial meeting participants were introduced to the project, and the project team, as well as the Lendrum Community Consultation Panel, they learned more about the proposed timing of the project, how the public consultation process will proceed in the coming months, and understand where and when they will have the opportunity to provide input into the project. Check out the presentation from Civida’s CEO, as well as the informative presentation boards. Read the Phase 1 Q&A and download a copy of the Phase 1: What We Heard Summary Report.

How to Get Involved

  • Attend an open house/public consultation meeting.
  • Email your comments and questions directly to us.