Affordable Options for Every Income Level.

We are pleased to be moving forward with construction on our Lendrum site in south west Edmonton. This beautiful new affordable housing complex has been designed and developed with community input and in partnership with the City of Edmonton to meet the needs of those waiting for affordable housing in our city. We know that this is a place that our tenants will be proud to call home.

The Plan

Our Lendrum complex will consist of 120 homes, with about half of the units being 3 bedroom apartments. The complex will include market-rate and near market housing. Amenities include underground parking, in-suite laundry, common room, courtyard, nearby schools, LRT access, and much more.

Check out these pages for more information about our housing programs, eligibility and how to apply.

Engaging the Community

Community and stakeholder input helps inform the decision making process. Learn more about the community engagement process that took place for this project.

Timeline at a Glance

Public Consultation: October 2016 to March 2017
Construction: October 2021- 2023

This project is possible thanks to the generous support and partnership of the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta.

Sod Turning, 2020

Project construction begins, Fall 2021

Progress, January 2022

Photos and videos supplied by Graham Construction.

July 2022

Photo supplied by Graham Construction.

August 2022

October 2022

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November 2022

Photos supplied by Graham Construction.

Thank you for joining the conversation.

We are committed to a planning and redevelopment process that is inclusive, transparent and driven by our values. Over the course of this project we engaged residents, families, neighbours, businesses, organizations, community partners and the public in a meaningful way that generated a shared sense of commitment to this site redevelopment. Through collaboration and engagement we have the opportunity to have a positive impact in the community that this housing complex is a part of.

Guiding Principles

Throughout this engagement we:

  • Ensured the timely sharing of project information that provided all stakeholders and interested parties with complete, objective and reliable information,
  • Engaged and gathered feedback, opinions and perspectives at various stages in the development of the site, and
  • Clearly demonstrated our commitment to engaging the public and incorporating their input into the project.

Public Consultations

Using a phased approach, between October 2016 and April 2017 we hosted open houses and public meetings in the Lendrum community to enable people to contribute to and be engaged in this project. Through these consultations we shared information and provided people with the opportunity to learn, ask questions, share thoughts, discuss ideas and review concepts.

Where We Are Now

Post Consultation

Our public consultations have ended. Civida continues to work with the City of Edmonton to ensure there is conformance to city guidelines and regulations. Read the final What We Heard Summary Report here >>