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Civida is partnering with the City of Edmonton to develop and operate the development on the surplus school site at 2008 – 105 Street, north of Keheewin School.

The 132-home development in the Keheewin neighborhood will contribute to helping meet current and future housing needs in Edmonton. The project team collaborated with the Keheewin Advisory Committee (KAC), a volunteer group of Keheewin residents and the City of Edmonton to ensure viewpoints from the community were, and continue to be heard on this project.

A local architect and design firm has been engaged by Civida to lead the detailed design for the project, factoring anticipated future tenant priorities, community needs and site requirements. The design will continue to be aligned with guidelines and requirements of the approved zoning and conceptual design, as presented and approved by Edmonton City Council in January 2020.

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Guiding Principles

Throughout this project we will:

  • Ensure the timely sharing of project information that provides all stakeholders and interested parties with complete, objective and reliable information
  • Engage and gather feedback, opinions and perspectives at various stages in the development of the site, and
  • Clearly demonstrate our commitment to engaging the public and incorporating their input into the project.

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