Ongoing Maintenance and Renewal Projects

At Civida, we prioritize ensuring that homes are safe and well-maintained.

Through funding received from all levels of Government, including the Federal government (CMHC), the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton, we are able to renew hundreds of homes and communities each year. These investments allow us to continue  ensuring that thousands of Albertans have access to safe, affordable homes, today and for years to come. 

We have significant planned, and demand capital maintenance projects each year. Demand capital maintenance allows Civida to respond to emergent building issues such as appliance or furnace replacement, roofing, fencing or any emerging maintenance issues that arise.

In 2023, the capital maintenance and renewal projects that have been completed, or are in progress include:

  • more than 220 suite turnovers, allowing refurbishment of homes as tenants move out
  • roof replacement
  • sidewalk repair
  • roof and window replacement
  • site lighting and security camera upgrades
  • flooring and furnace replacement, among other projects.

2024 Maintenance and Renewal Projects

In 2023, Civida received funding through the City of Edmonton ($10.5 million), Government of Alberta ($14.4 million), and Government of Canada ($9.8 million through CMHC) to invest in capital maintenance and renewal of community and affordable homes. Incorporating previously announced Government of Alberta funding, over the next 24 months (2024-25), we will be able to renew and repair more than 800 homes and communities that Civida manages on behalf of the City of Edmonton and Government of Alberta. This funding will extend buildings’ life expectancy, make homes more sustainable, and ensure that thousands of families and individuals can continue to live in safe and affordable homes.

This funding will support renewal projects over the next 24 months across the city, including:

  • Site lighting and security upgrades
  • Suite renewals, and flooring replacement
  • Improving building accessibility and wheelchair washes
  • Structural and Roof design, repair and replacements
  • Building exterior and grounds maintenance
  • Sustainability reviews and upgrades for greener homes
  • Plumbing, heating and electrical updates.