• How much is TRAB?

    The rent assistance amount is based on a flat rate that varies based on household size and municipality. It is for working households with low income or those between jobs. The amount does not vary based on income like in other rent assistance programs.

    TRAB rates will be calculated annually based on the budget available by the government of Alberta. The rate will be posted here: The minimum TRAB rate is $100.

  • Who is eligible?

    Just like other housing programs, you must meet certain criteria that is set out in the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation to be eligible for TRAB. You must:

    • Be in core housing need.
    • Have a total asset value of $25,000 or less.
    • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident (except for those who are under a private sponsorship arrangement), convention refugee, an individual who has applied for refugee or immigration status and private sponsorship has broken down.

    You can read more details about those criteria by reviewing our Eligibility Information Sheet.

    There are a few extra criteria for TRAB. Those criteria are:

    • Households must currently be employed or have worked in the past 24 months (2 years) at the time of application. Acceptable forms of income for those who have worked in the past 24 months but may now be unemployed include:
      • Employment Insurance, Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), and the Canada Recovery Benefit are eligible.

    Civida administers TRAB to the following communities:

    Barrhead, Bon Accord, Clyde, Duffield, Edmonton, Fort Assiniboine, Fort Saskatchewan, Gibbons, Holden, Innisfree, Josephburg, Legal, Mannville, Morinville, New Brook, Radway, Redwater, Ryley, Sherwood Park, Smoky Lake, Spedden, Spruce Grove, St Albert, Stony Plain, Thorhild, Tofield, Vegreville, Vilna, Waskatenau, Westlock

  • Who is not eligible?

    You are not eligible for TRAB if:

    • You or anyone in the household are receiving social assistance including Income Support, Learner Income Support, Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped, Alberta Seniors Benefit, Guaranteed Income Supplement or Old Age Security.
    • You already receive rental assistance such as RAB (formerly DRS) or are living in social housing.
  • How do I apply?

    You can apply by completing the PDF application form. Please email your completed application to [email protected] or drop it off at our office. You must give Civida your banking information so direct deposit payments can be set up.

  • When will I get the benefit?

    Applications are based on a first-come-first-served priority. Civida will work through applications to ensure applicants are eligible and living in appropriate housing.

  • What does receiving TRAB mean?

    TRAB is a two-year program. For the first year you will get the full benefit amount. After the first year, Civida will conduct an income review to make sure you are still eligible. If you are still eligible you will receive TRAB for a second year at a reduced rate but never less than $100 a month.

    If you start getting housing support through another social housing program, you can no longer receive TRAB.

    After two years TRAB ends. If you still need assistance you can reapply for TRAB. Your application will be processed in the order it was received.

    Upon being placed in the TRAB program, you must provide your social insurance number as this is a taxable benefit. Civida will send you a T5 in February every year for the previous year.

    You must also provide direct deposit information for TRAB to be deposited into your bank account on a monthly basis.

  • Who is my landlord?

    Your landlord will be the individual or organization with whom you have a tenancy agreement. Civida is not the landlord. Your agreement with Civida is just for the rental assistance benefit.

  • I have more questions!

    Please contact our office if you have any more questions about TRAB.