Let’s work together to keep your home safe and clean

In your tenancy agreement with Civida and in our Tenant Policies, there are some actions you must take to maintain your home. Read these documents carefully so you know what to do. 

For more information about how to keep your home safe and in good order, please see our full list of Tenant Information sheets here.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to our Maintenance team at: 780.420.6161 ext. 2 or email us at [email protected]

Tenant policies

Keeping your home in good order 

Carry out minor repairs and upkeep in your home to keep it in good condition. This means changing light bulbs, furnace filters (townhouses only) and batteries in smoke detectors. It also means:

  • keeping your balcony or yard clean.
  • not storing any personal belongings or leaving garbage in common areas, including in the hallway outside your apartment front door.

See full list of maintenance duties

Pest control

Civida will get rid of pests from your house in a safe and effective way, if needed. You can take steps to stop pests like mice or insects from getting into your home in the first place. If there are problems, act on the advice given to you by our pest control team. 

Find out how to keep your home pest-free 

Making changes to your home

You cannot make changes to your home or yard without permission. This includes decorating or installing equipment like air conditioners or ceiling fans. 

Find out which changes you can make to your home

Outdoor spaces

We want you to make full use of outdoor and common areas, while enjoying it responsibly and with respect for others. 

Learn more about the use of shared spaces 

Air Conditioners

Portable floor model air conditioners are allowed with Civida approval. Window hung air conditoners are not.

Learn more about air conditioners


Only tenants who have signed a parking agreement can park in Civida parking areas. Use your parking stall responsibly and keep parking areas safe. 

View our parking policy

Tenant Tips

Cooking and kitchen safety tips

Most fires in the home start in the kitchen, but you can take steps to prevent cooking fires from happening. Be sure you know what to do to keep you and your family safe if a fire does start.

Learn more about fire safety at home

How to get rid of fats, oils and grease 

Do not put fats, oil or grease down your toilet, bathtub or sink, as this may cause problems with the plumbing. This can lead to costly repairs, which you would have to pay for.

Find out how to safely dispose of cooking liquids 

Water and plumbing tips

Using a lot of water can be very costly, and problems with the plumbing can make life difficult for everyone in the home. There are a few things you can do to keep water costs down and help your plumbing run smoothly. 

View water and plumbing tips

Heating your home

If you live in a Civida apartment, your rooms are heated by hot water radiators. Small pipes full of hot water run through these radiators, and this hot water releases heat into the air. Take care of your hot water pipes to make sure that the heating in your home works properly.

Learn more about how to heat your house 

How your furnace works

If you live in a Civida townhouse, your home is heated by a furnace. Furnaces take in air from inside your home, warm the air and then spread the air throughout your home. Furnaces use electricity to power the fan and motor, so if the power goes out, your furnace will not work. If your furnace filter becomes dirty or clogged, the air in your home will be dirtier and your furnace may not work. It is important to know how to change these filters regularly. 

Learn how to use and care for your furnace


You do not have to get tenant’s insurance, but insurance protects you and your things in case of damage. It can also help cover the cost of damages after a fire or flood. Insurance is an extra monthly cost, but it can help to save you money if costly repairs are needed. 

Find out more about tenant insurance