Rent is due on the first of the month

We provide a variety of rent payment options. These include:

  • Pre-authorized debit
  • E-transfer
  • Money orders
  • Bank payments
  • Third party payment
  • Direct deposit
  • Cheque

Paying Rent through Pre-authorized Debit

Pre-authorized debit allows Civida to automatically withdraw your rent payment from your bank account on the first day of each month. This includes parking and power fees, if those are part of your rental agreement with Civida.

Pre-authorized Debit can be very convenient as it means that you no longer have to:

  • Remember to pay your rent on time.
  • Print and mail cheques.
  • Visit the Civida office to pay your rent.

How to set up Pre-Authorized Debit

Paying Rent by with E-Transfer

To pay your rent by e-transfer, send funds to [email protected]. In the notes section please include your T-code, full name and address. There is no need for a security question or password, as the funds will be deposited directly into our bank account once sent.