At Civida, we want our tenants to love their homes and their communities.

As a Civida tenant, you belong to a community. Your building should feel like your home, and you should treat it that way. That means looking after your property and the spaces you share with your neighbours. 

We’ve put together some tips and guidance to help you care for your home. Visit our Tenant Resource Library for more information.


  • Does Civida provide translation support?

    Yes, you can access FREE translation supports on:

    • Civida’s website via Recite Me toolbar

    Click on the floating button on the right side of any page to launch the Recite Me toolbar.recite me launch it button

    • In-person and over-the-phone via CanTalk

    Call 1-866-820-4346 and give them Civida’s translation passcode: 1921. See the available languages here.

  • How do I contact Civida about my file, my home or to update my information?

    You can reach us:

    • By email: Find the email of your District Office here.
    • By phone: 780-420-6161
      • Maintenance emergencies: 780-420-6161 extension 2
    • By fax: 780-426-6854
    • By mail: Civida, 10232 112 Street NW, Edmonton AB, T5K 1M4
    • In-person at our office: 10232 112 Street NW, Edmonton AB
    • By leaving mail in our drop box: Located to the left of our main office doors

    Additional information, including forms and information sheets, are available on our website,, in the Tenant Resources section.

  • How do I change or update my information?

    If your phone number, sources of income or family size changes, please update your District Office by phone, mail or email. Find the contact information of your District Office and contact them here:

    The Change of Contact Information, Change of Household Information and Change of Income Information forms are available in Tenant Resources.

  • Can a support worker, family member or friend contact Civida about my file?

    Yes, a support worker, family member or friend can contact Civida on your behalf. However, you must first complete a Consent to Release Personal Information form, available in Tenant Resources. To protect your privacy, we will only speak to people you list on this form. This includes any MLA or City Councillor office that may be helping you.

  • What is the most convenient way to pay my rent?

    You can pay your rent by issuing a cheque, money order, e-transfer or pre-authorized debit withdrawal. You can always drop off a cheque or money order in the dropbox to the left of our main doors. Make sure your cheque or money order is in a sealed envelope with your name and t-code inside the envelope. View the full details of rent payment options.

    You can also e-transfer funds to [email protected] (include your t-code, full name and address in the note section).

    You can find the pre-authorized debit withdrawal form in Tenant Resources.

  • How is my rent calculated?

    For our near-market tenants, rent is fixed at 10 to 20 per cent less than market rent for the surrounding neighbourhood. Our near-market tenants are not eligible for a rent adjustment.

    For our community housing tenants, rent is calculated at 30 per cent of your gross household income, or by using the Social Assistance Rate for those on Social Assistance or Alberta Works Learners.

    If you think your rent is too high, please submit verifying documents to confirm the current gross monthly income for all household members to see if you are eligible for a rent adjustment.

  • Who counts as a member of my household?

    We must follow the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation (SHAR) to define who counts as a member of your household. A member of your household includes:

    • Your spouse or adult interdependent partner
    • A person related to you by blood, adoption or marriage
    • A person who lives regularly with you as part of your family unit
    • Any dependents that live with you, including children for whom you have sole custody or at least 50 per cent joint custody
    • A live-in aide
    • A person who is usually a member of your household but is temporarily absent due to:
      • Military service
      • Hospitalization
      • Employment
      • School attendance
      • Other special circumstances
  • How do I apply to transfer to another Civida home?

    If you believe you are in an imminent and life threatening situation and need to transfer to another Civida home, fill out the Emergency Transfer form in the Tenant Resources page. You will be contacted via email as to the outcome of your transfer request.

    Due to the high number of requests and the limited number of vacancies, only those deemed by Civida as imminent and life threatening will be approved.

  • Can I transfer to seniors housing?

    Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any social housing that is primarily allocated to seniors. For seniors housing options, contact GEF Seniors Housing at 780-466-0038, Sage Seniors Association at 780-423-5510 or call 211 Alberta by dialing 211 from your phone.

  • Do you allow pets?

    In our Community Housing and Near Market programs, only one cat or small dog is permitted. A non-refundable pet deposit of $150 will be charged to our near-market tenants.

    The pet must be under 50 cm (20 in) at the shoulder and less than 16 kgs. (35lbs) at adult size. The pet must be spayed or neutered, licensed, and vaccinated.

    Please refer to our Pets and Service Dogs Information Sheet, available in Tenant Resources.

  • Do you allow service dogs?

    Service dogs specially trained to assist individuals with disabilities are permitted. Provide Civida with a copy of your identification card, displaying the Alberta government logo and photo of you and your service dog. If you do not have an identification card, provide us with a letter from your physician to verify your need for a service dog and written confirmation from an Assistance Dogs International (ADI) accredited school that the dog has been trained and is qualified as a service dog.

    Please refer to our Pets and Service Dogs Information Sheet available in Tenant Resources.

  • I am going to be travelling. Do I have to let you know?

    We require a notice in writing, sent to us by email or mail, if you will be away from your home for more than 14 consecutive days. Please provide us with the name and phone number of an emergency contact who will be able to reach you while you are away. This is required so that if something happens to your home while you are away, Civida can contact you.

    No matter how long you are away, you are responsible for paying your rent on time and arranging for someone to check on your home regularly.

  • Can someone come to stay with me as a guest?

    If you wish to have guests stay in your home for more than 14 days in a row, you must submit a written request to Civida. This request must be submitted at least two business days before the guest arrives. The request is subject to Civida approval.

    A guest who is a resident of Canada can stay for no more than 30 days in a year. The 30 days may be consecutive or non-consecutive. A guest who is not a resident of Canada may stay for no more than 90 days in a year. The 90 days may be consecutive or non-consecutive.

  • Someone in my household is having a baby. Do we need to inform Civida?

    If someone in your household has a baby, please submit a Change of Household Information form, available in Tenant Resources. Alternatively, you can submit a signed and dated letter that provides the baby’s full legal name, gender and birthdate. The form or letter can be submitted by email, mail or left in our dropbox.

  • What do I do if I see needles on my property?

    Call 311 (non-emergency line). They will alert the City of Edmonton’s Capital City Cleanup program which is responsible for safe needle collection and disposal from public property.

  • There was a crime on my property and I need security camera CCTV footage.

    Provide all details on the incident including the crime number and your Edmonton Police Service contact details to the Civida Serious Incident Reporting page. The recording would be forwarded to the Police accordingly ONLY if we have it available.

  • A serious incident happened in my unit or on Civida property. How do I report this?

    Emergency situations where you need emergency services (Ambulance, Police, Fire) right away, please call 9-1-1. Afterwards, please report the incident to Civida by filling out the Incident Reporting form.

  • What can I do about my neighbour smoking cannabis?

    Effective March 1, 2019, Civida enforced a strict no smoking policy. Tenants are not permitted to smoke, burn or vape tobacco, cannabis, incense or other substances anywhere on Civida property. This includes inside private units, on balconies, in common areas, parking lots and outdoor areas of the property unless there is a designated smoking area indicated.

    However, if a tenant has a medical card for cannabis use, they are exempt from this no smoking policy. For privacy reasons, we cannot disclose if a tenant has a medical card or not.

    If you smell cannabis coming from a particular unit, we advise you to call Paladin Security at 780-420-6161 after office hours and on weekends. Provide us with additional supporting evidence of a complaint if no other tenants in the building are coming forward with the issues you are experiencing. Paladin Security can:

    • Document and verify your complaint.
    • Go out and address the problem as it is happening in real time.
    • Provide us with a third party, unbiased report of what they see and hear while at the unit.


  • What can I do if someone keeps taking my parking stall?

    Call 311 (non-emergency line). You will need your driver’s licence, lease agreement and parking stall number on-hand when you call to show proof of ownership. You will also be asked to provide the model, make, colour and licence plate number of the offending vehicle and 311 will dispatch an officer.

  • Why am I being charged for water? I thought water was included in my rent.

    Water is included in your rent up to a maximum of $60 a month per authorized tenant. Any overages will be charged back to you. It is important to call our maintenance team as soon as possible if toilets are continuously running or faucets or pipes are leaking to keep your water bill under $60.

  • Why did I get a bill for power?

    One of the terms of your lease is that you are required to put the electricity in your name as soon as you move in. When this does not happen, the power charge will be charged back to our office and you will be required to pay this charge with an administration fee. It is important to know that maintaining the utilities is a requirement of your Lease Agreement.

  • My income has changed. Do I have to notify Civida?

    If you are a Community Housing tenant, you do have to contact us. We can review your file to see if you are eligible for a rent adjustment. Please find the Change of Income form in Tenant Resources, complete it and send it to our office with the relevant documents listed on the form. You will need to provide a complete month of income verification from the first to the last day of the previous month.

  • My payments are third party, but I received a notice to vacate. Why?

    Possibly your income support has changed due to a change in your household, such as a child has turned 18 or someone has moved out. Please contact your Income Support Worker and provide a copy of your current Income Support Budget to your District Office. Find and contact your District Office here. Your income documents will be reviewed by your housing clerk.

  • How do I know if a notice to vacate is legal according to Alberta's Residential Tenancies Act?

    Please see this overview from the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

  • Why did I receive a notice to vacate when I turned in my annual review or paid my rent on time?

    It takes us several days to process payments, review mail and prepare and post notices. Sometimes a notice will be posted in error. If you believe an error has occurred, please contact us at 780-420-6161 to check your file.

  • How can I appeal this bill from maintenance?

    Please submit a letter of appeal to your District Office explaining why you believe you should not be responsible for this bill. It will be reviewed by your Maintenance Clerk.

  • Am I required to have tenant insurance?

    We encourage all tenants to have tenant insurance. We have a partnership with Westland Express (formerly ZipSure), who offers discounted rates to all Civida tenants. Please call us at 780-420-6161 for more information.

  • My insurance company has questions about my building, who can I talk to?

    Please contact our maintenance team at 780-420-6161 extension 2 to discuss the specifics of your building.

  • Can I put a pool, swing set or fire pit in my yard?

    Unfortunately, these items are not allowed on Civida properties for safety reasons. Contact us at 780-420-6161 for further clarification.

    Please see our Outdoor Spaces Information Sheet in Tenant Resources for more information.

  • How do I move out of my unit?

    Submit the Move Out Notice form available in Tenant Resources or send a full one-month notice in writing to our office by email or mail. The notice must include your full name, t-code, address, move out date and signature.

  • How can I submit my Annual Income Review?

    You can submit your Annual Income Review by email, fax, mail or in-person or by leaving it in the drop box to the left of our main office doors at 10232-112 Street. For more questions, please view this Annual Income Review information sheet.

  • How do I submit a complaint?

    Complaints must be in writing and sent to us by email, mail or dropbox. Please provide as much detail as possible so we can keep record of the complaint on file. Contact us if you would like more information.

We value your opinion

We recognize that our tenants are a great source of knowledge. We welcome any feedback you have on the quality of our services or our properties. Your insight will help us make improvements that will benefit current and future tenants. 

At Civida, we’re partners with our tenants. We will:

  • Respect your privacy 
  • Address any concerns fairly and with respect
  • Communicate clearly and openly 
  • Be responsive to your needs 
  • Be an advocate for you 
  • Provide information about additional support services

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact us. We’re always glad to help.