Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Civida conducted a tenant satisfaction survey from July 12 – Aug. 2, 2022.  We hired Advanis, an independent consulting firm, to conduct a phone survey of 500 Civida residents living in community housing and near-market homes, throughout all areas of the city.

The survey asked tenants about their experiences and satisfaction levels in several areas such as safety, communications, maintenance, customer service, and move-ins, among others. The data collected will be used to help Civida make better strategic and operational decisions that best serve our tenants. All answers are anonymous and individual tenants cannot be identified through their responses. Civida will conduct another tenant satisfaction survey in 2024.

What we heard:

Overall tenant satisfaction

  • 76 per cent are satisfied with the service they received from Civida
  • 64 per cent agree that Civida cares about their well-being
  • 68 per cent are satisfied with the condition of their home
  • 65 per cent are satisfied with the condition of their building


Application and move-in experience

  • 89 per cent agree that the Civida staff who helped them sign their lease were professional and provided the information they needed
  • 87 per cent had no major problems when moving in to their Civida home
  • 83 per cent say the Civida staff who conducted their move-in inspection were thorough and professional


Maintenance and repairs

  • 75 per cent contacted Civida for maintenance to their home (average of 3.1 calls per tenant per year)
  • 81 per cent are satisfied with the professionalism and politeness of the person they contacted at Civida
  • 72 per cent are satisfied with the repairs that were done to their home
  • 68 per cent are satisfied with how easy it was to request a repair


Safety and security

  • 87 per cent feel safe walking alone around their property during the day
  • 74 per cent feel safe in their own home
  • 54 per cent feel safe walking alone around their property after dark


Customer service and communication

  • 81 per cent feel they were being listened to and treated with respect and empathy
  • 77 per cent of tenants said they felt comfortable speaking their mind and raising concerns with Civida staff
  • 67 per cent are satisfied with the time it took to respond to their issue
  • 75 per cent prefer to contact Civida by phone; 14 per cent prefer email



  • 66 per cent have children under 18 years of age living at home
  • 32 per cent speak primarily a language other than English at home
  • 35 per cent have disability or accessibility needs
  • 54 per cent identify as non-white


What we’re doing:

  • We have increased our staffing in Customer Service to handle more calls and emails, so that customers’ inquiries can be answered more quickly.
  • We are reassessing how we approach building condition assessments and the building maintenance process.
  • We are working closer with government (City and Province) to help address aging infrastructure and replace or repair older buildings and renovate older units.
  • As of September 1, 2022, Civida offers all in-person and over the phone visits with interpretation services in over 200 languages. View the list of languages offered.
  • We are developing new policies to address needs of tenants who identify as having a disability or accessibility needs (i.e, ramps, other accessibility equipment required in homes, etc.).
  • We have established the Tenant Engagement Team to connect with tenants in the community and connect them with supports and services they need.
  • We have evaluated the external door lock timing at some multi-family buildings – this will be locked earlier in the day for selected buildings.
  • We have restarted our tenant safety socials program.
  • Edmonton Police Service’s Crime-Free Housing Program and Civida continue to conduct inspections of our sites.
  • We will be completing a night audit to determine the status of exterior lighting of our buildings this month.
  • We are prioritizing sites to utilize funding to upgrade exterior lighting.


If you have any questions about the survey, please contact us at: [email protected] or 780-420-6161