Capital Maintenance Projects - 2022

At Civida, we care about our tenants and the condition of the homes they live in.

We have significant planned and demand capital maintenance plans for 2022. This year, Civida received $25 million from the government of Alberta for all capital maintenance, including $13.3 million in planned capital maintenance and $10.3 million for demand capital maintenance.

Demand capital maintenance funding allows Civida to respond to emergent building issues such as appliance or furnace replacement, roofing, fencing or any emerging maintenance issues that arise.

In 2022, the types of planned maintenance projects that have been completed or are in progress include:

  • roof replacement at Lorelei III,
  • window replacement at Lee Ridge II and Duggan,
  • kitchen cabinet replacement at Carlisle II and Clareview V, and
  • furnace replacement at Southwood IV, among other projects.

Examples of demand maintenance we have completed this year include:

  • water main repair at Brander Gardens, and
  • sink hole repair at Ermineskin II.

These projects are just a sample of the work we do everyday to improve homes for our tenants.